Who are we?


After running the marketing strategy and execution for a small restaurant in Calgary lead to their social following growing by 10,000 people in 7 months while creating a viral sensation, we realized that we're not bad at marketing in this millennial age. So, we started a business. 

Thanks to the incredible support of the Calgary community, the initial success opened new doors to work with dozens fantastic brands in the food & beverage, automotive, tourism, and hospitality industries. We began to focus our attention on content creation (photo and video), social media management, and paid social advertising. Clients tend to let us take over their social media because they love seeing their followers and likes grow, but others also appreciate the flexibility of the content we create for them. Beyond social posts, that content ends up elevating their websites, newsletters, emails, and their overall digital presence over night. 

We love waking up and getting to work because each day is a new opportunity to help a business reach their potential. We’ve come across so many awesome businesses that aren’t able to represent themselves properly. The excitement they have after seeing a finished video or photo and realizing how much brand potential they have that was previously just laying dormant is what brings us satisfaction. 

We have a number of on-going clients, and also work on an a la carte basis. We am looking to give back to this incredible community by creating several jobs this year. Therefore, we are opening back up for new clients and would love to bring you on. If you need any help with your digital presence, let’s talk! Drop me an email at jonathan@johnyjacobs.com and we’ll get to work right away. You can follow us most closely on our personal Instagram accounts, @jonathanjacobs_ and @nishajohny