Ready. Set. RED!

What do you do when you want to spice up your life? What do you do to look and FEEL bold? How about when you want to liberate yourself from all of the status quo norms that surround the work place fashion space? Any ideas? 




Red has always been one of my favourite colours. I’ve seen so many women choose a subtle hint of red as a pop of colour at the office to amp up the normal black and white look. Whether it be a red lip, a red top, or the occasional red skirt that comes out on warmer days, the flickering sight of it always gives me joy. The fact that red was one of the most popular colours this past New York Fashion Week also made me realize that we’ll be seeing more of this passionate colour everywhere. So I thought to myself - what happens if you give up every doubt you initially have and just go for it by pairing this perfect fit blazer from Ricki’s and a high waisted red pant? 

FullSizeRender 15.jpg


It can be wild, bold, and a statement. It can also be so much more with the perfect touch of confidence. 


For example, take this look that I came up with. Every girl should have at least one bold coloured over piece as a go-to option to complete an outfit. A bright tomato-red base coloured blazer like this one has yellow undertones, making it perfectly suitable for a wide variety of skin tones. What I love about this specific blazer from Ricki's though is the fact that it is made of a jersey knit material, making it the perfect fit no matter what your body type is. You can easily pair this statement piece with a printed top, a white button down, or a crochet detailed top like the one I’m wearing which is also from Ricki's! 


Pair a great set of distressed denim jeans, a black pencil skirt, or red pants like these ones and you’re good to go! It may seem scary at first and you may feel super conscious as you step outside of your comfort zone. Just remember this: 


No matter what, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. So don’t be shy! Wear red with courage and boldness, walk into that next meeting of yours and conquer the day! 



Sincere thank you to Ricki's Fashion for partnering with me on this post! <3