The 'Ab'Solute Best Pair of Jeans You Can Try On Today!

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The hunt for the perfect pair of denim was a journey that I was still on until I found THE best jeans I’ve tried on in recent years!

Those who know me, know that I hate trying on clothes in stores. Especially when it comes to bottoms, I dread having to take all the layers of clothing off and try to fit into a size that probably won’t work out anyway. Ladies, you are familiar with the struggle aren’t you?! 

Lo and behold, my denim struggle took a 360 degree turn when I walked into Ricki’s and grabbed a couple of the Democracy ‘Ab’Solution Jeggings.

Now, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. 

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Where do I even begin?! The spandex, cotton, and rayon blend feels and fits like a glove when you first put the pair on. The fact that they are jeggings make the wearability so coveted. Denim is hardly ever comfortable for me so to be able to stay in a pair of curve hugging jeans all day long (and night!), is such a huge plus! 

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My favourite part about these jeans has to be the best part about them. The ‘Ab’Solution slimming panels.

I wish I had abs and I definitely don’t even have a flat tummy (yet lol) so I just want you to understand how happy I was when I figured out that the jeans not only go above your belly button, but also has intentionally placed control panels to give you the necessary tummy tuck. GIIRRLLL!! 


These jeans are literally built to fit your body, no matter what your shape or size is. The jeggings give your derriere a lift and boost (I’m so serious).

It smooths everything out so that you can walk anywhere with confidence, knowing that your assets are looking their ‘Ab’solute best!

See what I did there ? Pair these fantastic jeans with a casual tee + a great blazer and you are good to go. 


What more can you ask for?! I want you to do yourself a favour and at least feel these jeggings on for yourself. AND YOU CAN at the Try on Event happening at your nearest Ricki’s location, starting from August 17, 2017. 

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on these jeans because if you love them as much as I do, I know you'll only want to go and purchase another pair, like I did :D 




A sincere thank you to Ricki's for partnering with me on this post! <3