'INSTANT' Love with these PANTS?!

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Ah, fall. When pencil skirts retire to the back of your closet and out comes the coats, sweaters, gloves, and sadly, work wear pants. 

Am I the only one that prefers to wear dresses and skirts to work than the traditional pants and shirt combo? Maybe I am just bitter about the fact that summer is over and the cold is kicking in. BOO! 


However, I do know that I have found a new favourite in the work wear bottoms department. You guys know that I have been counting on Ricki’s lately to fulfill my need to feel great, especially when it comes to denim and pants. SO, trying on the Instant Smooth pants that they have been carrying for years was obviously the best thing to do!


I am always looking for a great pair of every day workwear pants that I don’t dread trying on or slipping into. Ricki’s carry the Instant Smooth pants in a wide range of leg shapes, sizes, fabric choice, and colours.

Since I was looking to replace my old pair of black pants anyway, I decided to try the Instant Smooth Canvas Jegging in the black colour. 


Ladies, let me tell you, these pants give you life! I was warned that the pants would not necessarily tuck my mid-section in but helps to keep things smooth and in place (which I am absolutely not complaining about!).

However, what the Instant Smooth pants do have is a hidden shaper panel designed to help smooth out your tummy area, which these pants do, and some! 


The pants fit like a glove and instantly adheres to your body shape and form. The material is SUPER stretchy so it feels like you are literally wearing leggings or a comfy pair of PJ’s. I didn’t want to take them off and I definitely wanted to buy them in every colour.

What is incredible is that the smoothing attributes of the shaping panel is carried out throughout the entire pant, allowing it to shape and smooth your legs from top to bottom. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!


Pairing the pants with a great blazer and a cute floral top (all from Ricki's as well, duh!) were the only final touches it needed to make an everyday work wear outfit happen. Did you know that for simply TRYING ON the Instant Smooth pants (yep, no purchase necessary) you will receive 25% off of your ENTIRE purchase? Yeah, this means that you need to drop everything and run to Ricki’s before September 25 to stock up on whatever you need! 


Remember, you are BEAUTIFUL. I am the biggest advocate when it comes to empowering women to feel their best, no matter where they are from, what their skin colour might be, what religion they practice, or how much they earn. If a simple pair of pants can help boost your confidence, that's an absolute YES from me. 


Until next time!